We focus on developing quality
from the user’s point of view.

The Development Laboratory is the base of our pharmaceutical technology to consistently provide high-quality medicines. This spacious laboratory includes 1/10-scale pre-production lines, microanalysis device rooms, animal experiment rooms where infection experiment is available, and microbial experiment rooms. These advanced equipments and devices are used for future research and development of new products.

Creation of a Unique Dosage Form

"Creation of a unique dosage form" is one of the goals of our Research & Development.
Currently the following medicines are underway:

· New absorption site-targeting DPI
· A medicine where its taste, smell, size, and shape are easier to take.
· An orally disintegrating, rapidly dissolving medicine.
· Aseptic dispensing solution and ointment manufactured by aseptic preparation,
that requires aseptic techniques and facilities.

Strict Assessment and Validation

To support the creation of these medicines,
a professional team strictly evaluates the following requirements:

· Whether the medicine currently under development has been created as planned.
· If the quality and stability of the medicine are secured.
· If effects of the medicine are definite.
· Whether there are any problems to ensure the safety of the medicine.

We have installed the following equipment for the trial production phase:
· Fluid Bed Granulator
· Centrifugal Tumbling Granulator
· Capsule Filling Machine for DPI
· Spray dryer
· Lab Jet Mill

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