We will always support your wish for good health.

Toyama, where TOA was established, is well known as the City of Pharmaceuticals. For over 300 years since the early Edo era, "Baiyaku-san" (Door-to-door medicine salesmen from Toyama) visited every customer's house, communicating face-to-face with the customer, and selling Toyama-made medicines all over Japan by their unique business style: "Senyo-kori" (Use first, and pay later service), which is a customer-oriented business spirit and is also part of our fundamental principle. We develop and provide appropriate medicine to people who wish to stay healthy and for people who want to treat their illnesses. Exchanging our wishes for health...we support people's "future lives."

Philosophy and Policy

Beyond the goal, there's a new starting line. We will continue to take further steps to improve our skills.

In our early history, most of our products were home medication. Later, through partnerships with other major pharmaceutical companies, we could expand our business and improve our own pharmaceutical technology. Moreover, we also focused on research and development, and some of our unique development has produced great achievements. As for contract manufacturing, we took the lead to start and have steadily grown to have an established reputation of being a reliable pharmaceutical company. We continue to attach great importance on people-to-people relationships. Through sincere communications, using our advanced techniques and high-value added products, we will contribute to the progress of medication development.

Progress and Vision