TOA Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Policy
(Privacy Policy)

At TOA Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereby referred to as 'TOA Pharmaceuticals', we feel that it is our social responsibility to protect personal information collected through our operational activities and thus promote the following:

1. Collection of Personal Information
TOA Pharmaceuticals applies optimal management security measures to the collection of personal information that is necessary for our processing purposes, in a fair way, and in compliance with governing laws.

2. Use of Personal Information
TOA Pharmaceuticals uses the collected personal information to the extent necessary for processing, within the framework of its use as notified beforehand or made publicly known.

3. Provision of Personal Information
With exceptions where legally dictated, TOA Pharmaceuticals does not make personal information available to third parties without written consent of the holder of that information. When it becomes necessary to assign the management of personal information to a third party, we first conduct strict and thorough research on the third party and appropriately manage them, in order to protect the personal information concerned.

4. Management of Personal Information
TOA Pharmaceuticals maintains personal information with accuracy and up-to-date content, and applies strict operational, human, and technological security measures to ensure that personal information is safe from loss, destruction, alteration or unauthorized access.

5. Disclosure, Amendment, Termination of Use, Erasure
TOA Pharmaceuticals confirms the information holder’s right to seek disclosure, amendment, termination of use, and/or erasure of the personal information that we manage, and deal accordingly when such a request is made.

6. Compliance With Laws and Regulations Regarding Your Personal Information
TOA Pharmaceuticals institutes a compliance program for the protection of personal information that includes the policy and the provision of ‘personal information protection regulations’ and other prescripts in order to pursue our policy. Our people and related resources are thoroughly familiar with this as they proceed, maintain and continue to make improvements on the policy.

For inquiries:
To inquire about our privacy policy, contact:

Toa Pharmaceuticals Co, Ltd. Administration Department
26 Sango, Toyama City, Toyama 939-3548
Phone: +81-76-478-5100
Fax: +81-76-478-5155

About Personal Information Protection Association Approval

Toa Pharmaceuticals is a business operator recognized by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’Associations of Japan, an organization certified by the Japanese Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare which protects personal information. The federation can be contacted for any complaints and/or consultations on the manner in which personal information is handled by its association member companies.

Personal Information Protection Center, Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers'
Associations of Japan
Tokyo Yakugyo Kaikan, 2-1-5 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023 Japan
Phone: 03-3270-1810
Hours: 10am〜4pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays)