From Development to Commercial Production Producing Trusted Pharmaceutical Products

We have improved our pharmaceutical formulation technology over many years
through business alliances with major pharmaceutical companies and contract
manufacturing. We aim to be a reliable pharmaceutical company that can deliver
safer and high-quality pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, we are focusing
our efforts on research and development to create unique and high value-added
pharmaceutical products, such as DPI formulations and ophthalmic ointments.

Contract Manufacturing,
Research and Development

Our Origin

Toyama Prefecture, where TOA Pharmaceuticals
is established, is the birthplace of Etchu Baiyaku
(Drugs for household delivery business of Toyama),
which has a history of over 300 years.
Giving priority to the medicine users is our principle.

About TOA Pharmaceuticals

Our Unchanging Goals

TOA Pharmaceuticals manufactures products which meet various needs of specialists
and customers, such as DPI formulations, solid oral formulations, oral solutions, topical
solutions, salves, ophthalmic solutions, ophthalmic ointments etc. We improve quality
controls to satisfy international standards and also promote productivity and efficiency of
manufacture to create more reliable pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Products