Placing a High Value on Life in Our Ever-changing Society

Presently, in our society with a decrease of birthrate and an aging population, health is necessary for happiness and wealth. Therefore, safer and more effective medicines are required in our daily lives and in healthcare settings.
We respond to the needs and health demands of the present scenario by delivering a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Prescription Drugs

We continue to pursue better safety and more reliable quality to fulfill our mission of protecting irreplaceable lives.
In response to the advanced expertise and diverse requirements of modern medical care, we develop and produce highly trusted products in various dosage forms, including solid oral formulations, DPI formulations, oral solutions, topical solutions, salves, and ophthalmic solutions and ointments.

Over-the-counter (OTC) Drugs

Through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies, we manufacture the same drugs that are sold at drug stores and pharmacies throughout Japan. We will continue to pursue proposal-type product development and deliver high value-added pharmaceutical products.

Household Medications

The traditions and trust associated with the origin of our company continues to the present day. In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of and interested in health. Therefore, the role of household medications has been re-evaluated, with emphasis on self-medication.
We will strive to reliably supply pharmaceuticals in accordance with these circumstances.

History of Medications in Toyama Prefecture

In 1690, Masatoshi Maeda, the second lord of the Toyama Domain, went to Edo Castle.
In the large hall of Edo Castle, among many other feudal lords attending, Terusue Akita, the 3rd lord of the Miharu domain fell down due to stomachache.
Maeda gave him some pills from his pillbox, which he always carried with him. His stomachache was relieved immediately.
A legend goes that the other lords in attendance were surprised at the fast-acting medicine. They ask Maeda to sell the medicines in their domains, and with this opportunity pharmaceutical business of Toyama established.

Story Behind Kazepira's Origins

Kazepira is one of Toa Pharmaceutical's leading products, with a long history.

The name Kazepira comes from “Pira” based on its antipyretic and analgesic ingredient, pirabital, which was included in the product when it was first sold. During that period, the product was sold as an “antipyretic and analgesic” agent.
The indication for the prescription was later changed to the current “common cold medication;” therefore, the name was changed to Kazepira i.e., cold pill.

In 1952, the records showed that 400,000 quires were sold.
It is said that the lion's head mask of lion dance on the package was chosen based on the idea of attracting good luck as stated in the saying “if bitten by the mask of lion dance, he/she will not catch a cold ”.
This lion mask was designed by a painter in Toyama. It is believed that other designs showing the lion head from different angles were actually created but not used at the time.

At the time of the launch, the price of pirabital was equivalent to approximately 40 yen in modern currency.