Toyama Prefecture, where TOA Pharmaceuticals is established, is the birthplace of Etchu Baiyaku (Drugs for household delivery business of Toyama), which has a history of over 300 years.
Baiyaku placed importance on the person-to-person relationships and was a unique manner of administering medications throughout Japan. The required medications were used by the patients, and the payments were given later (use first, pay later strategy). The main priority was placed on the convenience of the individual using the medication. This way of thinking represents our origin.
We aim to manufacture and deliver reliable medications to people who desire to be healthy and those who want to provide relief to the sick. We will support the “future of life” by producing medications that encourage the communication and mutual understanding of the desire of all individuals to remain healthy.

Corporate Philosophy of TOA Pharmaceuticals

  1. Being consistently aware of the mission and morals of pharmaceutical products, we strive to contribute to people's health.
  2. Armored with conscience and product quality as our main priority, we will gradually cultivate people's trust.
  3. By enabling the personal development of each individual, we aim to produce medications with all sincerity.

President's Message

TOA Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was established in 1940. In 2020, we have reached a milestone as the 80th anniversary.
The 80 years history is the result of efforts made by the first president Toshio Nakai, the successive presidents handed over the baton from him, and all employees.
As the president appointed in August of 2020, I will keep it firmly in mind that it is my mission to keep going forward until the baton is handed to the next president with pleasure.

The environment surrounding us is changing rapidly.
The declining birthrate and aging society, globalization, trends of pharmaceutical products, government policies and the National Health Insurance system are changing as well.
Not only the pharmaceutical industry, but the way how a company should be and the work style are changing.
The next-generation technologies such as the AI and the 5G mobile communications systems start to appear one after another will give an impact on us.
On the other hand, there is a thing that does not change and should not be changed.
It is a commitment to constantly strive to produce higher quality of pharmaceutical products.
The formulation technology for solid preparations, liquid preparations, ophthalmic solutions and DPIs etc., the strict quality control and the trust, which we have been established over many years through our alliances with major pharmaceutical companies and technical transfers for contract manufacturing.
By leveraging these strengths, we will continuously produce the unique product that only we can do and create the products that can meet customer demands in the coming new age. I will develop our flexible abilities to adapt to changes for the sustainable growth.
I remain mindful of the contribution to society, the significance of company's existence, and above all, the "happiness" of each employee who work with and hope to grow together.

Jun Nakai,
President, Representative Director