Pharmaceutical Products

An unchanging wish produces more certain medicine.

We manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including solid oral formulations, DPI formulations, oral solutions, topical solutions, salves, ophthalmic solutions and ointments.
We have completed the construction of Japan's first DPI-specific plant in 2007, and in 2009, operations started in a new solid oral dosage formulation plant. To improve quality control, a test control facility at the Nishihongo Plant will begin operations in 2020.
TOA Pharmaceuticals strives to create more reliable pharmaceutical products by expanding its production system and improving its technological capabilities.

Solid Oral Formulations, Granules, Powders, Tablets, and Capsules

Our product manufacturing processes range from weighing to granulation, mixing, tableting, coating, printing, filling, and packaging.
In addition to the Toyama Plant, which handles a wide range of production—from small to large quantities, the Nishihongo Plant is able to produce advanced solid dosage formulations with even higher levels of reliability, functionality, and efficiency. Moreover, we have a three-layer tablet machine and an ink-jet printing machine that can recognize split lines and print on both sides of tablets. Therefore, we are able to respond to a wide range of customer requests.

DPI Formulations

Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) formulations are manufactured using a special technique to facilitate the inhalation of micronized powdered pharmaceutical products through the lungs and nasal mucosa and the absorption of the pharmaceutical product locally or into the body. Currently, they are used mainly for the treatment of respiratory diseases, and further application and use are expected in the future.
In addition, we handle contract manufacturing of in-house developed products and the first DPI formulation in Japan at the Nishihongo plant.

Oral Solutions and Syrup Formulations

Our product manufacturing processes range from weighing to reconstitution, filling, and packaging.
Syrup formulations can be used in various ways, from prescription to OTC drugs, and can be filled into glass or plastic bottles.

Topical Solutions

Dedicated facilities have been established for manufacturing products containing alcohol products, such as mouthwash and athlete's foot remedies.


Employing the our numerous years of experience and extensive knowledge, we work in a wide range of fields, from prescription to OTC drugs.

Ophthalmic Solutions and Ointments

We have established a stable manufacturing system for generating high-quality products in collaboration with Nitto Medic, an affiliated company.
Additionally, we respond to expanding needs in Japan with a small number of production lines for ophthalmic ointments.